When buying property that is rural land or in a rural area there are always certain risks. Foreign buyers need to be especially realistic about their reasons for buying rural Spanish property and decidedly cautious about how they buy.

The risks buying rural Land in Spain:

– Rural o urban land? Is there a license?

– Does the build of the property comply with the conditions of the building license (number of square meters, number of floors, number of buildings etc.).

– Are there any penalties pending on the property at the Town Hall?.

– Are there any construction or reform limitations in the area where the house is built?.

– Are the utilities of the property legally contracted and legally connected?.

– Is it possible to obtain a mortage on the property?.

– Is the land and the plot legally registered under the full name of the seller?.

– Are the square meters of the plot and the property registered at the Land Registry?.
Monter Abogados will help you to solve all these issues so you can buy your rural property with no problems at all.

We take care of all official permits, legal issues and changes to the description on the deed so that you can relax and enjoy your Spanish rural home: Obtain building permits; legalising existing home improvements; amending the deed and updating the Property Registry.