In this area, our Legal Services, typically covers the following:

– Drawing up the private contract.

– Search for debts held against the property: contact with the bank to cancel any outstanding mortgages.

– Ordering the second occupancy license, if necessary.

– Obtaining the certificate of no outstanding debts from the owners’ community for signing at the notary.

– Signing of the contract.

– Organising the signing at the notary and methods of payment.

– Signing of the deed either in person or by power of attorney.

– Detailed translation of the signing of the deed before a public notary.

– Management of all tax payments associated with the sale.

– Cancellation of bank accounts by power of attorney if necessary.

– Organising the mortgage cancellation before a notary.

– Securing the 3% tax retention/deduction return where it has been improperly withheld (in case of improper withholding)

Personalized attention: We will be by your side throughout the notary process.